COVID 19 HR Resources

Human Resources Information

During this time of uncertainty, the experts at OnBoard have chosen to take a proactive approach to your businesses human resources. We are ready and willing to help you keep your business running as close to 'normal' as possible, to create a new 'normal' or to assist in making the hard decisions that could effect the future of your company and employees. Give us a call, and we will be there with you every step of the way!

Together we can continue to Keep Cape Strong and Keep Your Workplace Strong.

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Unemployment Support

During the stay-at-home order, some businesses unfortunately had to perform lay-offs and furloughs. Now that businesses begin to reopen their doors and bring back employees, other issues are arising. Here are a few resources to help lessen the load.

If you have employees refusing to return to work, click HERE.

If you have other questions concerning unemployment, click HERE.

As always, our team is available to help with any issues at 573-987-0652.


Policymakers are making sweeping changes to address COVID-19. These changes will have a significant impact on workplaces throughout the country. Because of this, the Society for Human Resources Management has compiled a 9-page FAQ sheet for you.

Contact us to download this FAQ sheet and for more assistance.

Reclaim Our Region

Community is the foundation to success!

COVID-19 has left significant unforeseen effects on our local community. Though we respect the reality of what our community is facing, we also understand the Cape Area is the regional hub of southeast Missouri and we are ready to exert just exactly who and what we are moving forward.

Together, we can get back on our feet and Reclaim Our Region.

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HR Support

Below are resources to help manage your current workplace. If you need any additional assistance, please call our expert consultant at 573-987-0652. We are ready and willing to help keep Cape strong and keep your workplace strong!

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